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Deck and Fence Staining
  In Johnson County  

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Expert Deck Staining and Restoration Near You

Is your deck looking worn out and needing a fresh, vibrant look? Look no further for "professional staining services near me"! Our skilled deck staining professionals are ready to transform your outdoor living space into what it deserves. With a keen eye for detail and top-quality stains, we bring out the natural beauty of your deck, fence, pergola, etc., making it a focal point of your home. Say goodbye to dull and weathered wood and hello to a revitalized deck that enhances the charm of your property. Trust our local deck staining experts to deliver impeccable results that will leave you delighted every time you step onto your newly-stained deck.

Our 5 Step Restoration & Staining Process

Our 6-Step restoration and staining process is straightforward and homeowner-friendly, aiming to bring out the best in your deck, fence, or any other wood structure in need of restoration without unnecessary complexity.

Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience that prioritizes your preferences, protects your deck, and ensures long-term satisfaction with the appearance and condition of your outdoor space.

  • Power Washing - Removes dirt, mildew, etc., that can prevent stain from bonding. 

  • ScrapingUsing scrapers and brushes to remove loose stain and provide a stain-ready surface. 

  • Deck Repairs - If your deck needs repairs prior to applying stain, our experts at Rapid Painting can handle the task. Along with tightening of any loose boards.

  • Prep The Area Mask off surrounding areas to protect any nearby surfaces.

  • Applying Stain  – We only use premium Sherwin-Williams stain. Because some customers may prefer an alternative grade of stain, we carefully discuss these options with our clients so they understand each product’s strengths and limitations.

  • How do I know its time to get my house painted?
    Is your house faded? Once the paint starts to fade, it's a sign that the protective layer isn't holding up. And when that protection goes, the color can start peeling or fading real quick. Which opens the door for more serious damage like rust or rot, depending on what your house is made of. Is there peeling paint? Once the paint has started peeling, it no longer protects the surface. Wood rot or rust is inevitable, depending on the substrate. Beyond the obvious unsightliness, the substrate will begin to deteriorate rapidly. How long has it been since your house was last painted? The national average for a paint job in the United States is seven years. Living in the Midwest can speed up the wear and tear on your house paint. The crazy weather—cold winters, hot summers—can mess with it. We are very knowledgeable about all types of paint and protective measures and which will work best with your particular home.
  • What brand of paint do you use?
    We specifically use Sherwin Williams paints because they've got options for everyone—low, medium, and high-end. We're all about top-tier quality, so by default, we stick with the high-end stuff from both brands. If you've got paint in mind or already picked one, we are OK with that as well. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each paint during the in-person estimate.
  • Do you apply one or two coats of paint?
    In almost all situations, we suggest using two coats of paint. This method provides the best chance for a lasting and durable paint job with vibrant colors. As mentioned earlier, when the coating breaks down, the color fades, leaving the surface unprotected. We understand that every home is not the same. During the in-person estimate, we can discuss the best option for your particular scenario.
  • What does it look like to get a painting estimate?
    For a complete exterior paint job, we require an on-site visit to inspect the surfaces that will be painted to provide the most accurate quote. This may not be necessary for some smaller jobs, but meeting face-to-face allows for a clear and detailed discussion about your expectations, the scope of the project, and any specific requirements you may have. Inspect all surfaces, making sure any needed repairs are addressed Discuss color options. Discuss the process in detail. Discuss the timeline to get the project completed. Discuss any areas of concern or questions Discuss expectations of when the quote will be completed. Discuss payment options and terms, if any.
  • Will I have to clean anything up after the job is complete?
    Absolutely not. We put everything we move back where it was; we remove all of our own waste, scrap, and materials. We aim to make it look like we were never there.

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